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X2 Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand

As soon as you reach the end of the winding lane that brings you to X2 Spa you'll be entranced by what you see. The spa is part of X2 Koh Samui - A Spa Retreat, home to some of the island's most cutting edge architecture. It breaks completely free of the usual spa concepts, and is a brilliant mix of the contemporary and the traditional. The results are both amazingly chic and cosy at one and the same time. The types of massages used here vary between the deeply Thai and international varieties, but all are rich in benefits and will leave you feeling thoroughly rejuvenated.

When you arrive you'll be ushered into the spa reception area, where you'll meet your friendly and extremely professional masseuse. X2 Spa, Koh Samui, ThailandYou'll start by being given some chilled ginger tea and a cold towel, and then, depending on your treatment, you'll be offered a choice of essential oils, including jasmine, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary and coconut. Your masseuse can help you make an informed choice, should you need some advice

The spa itself is housed in a quiet grove of trees, and consists of just five individual buildings that blend seamlessly with their background. The colour scheme is a pleasing meld of black, white, grey along with a few defining touches of orange. The ensemble is entirely relaxing, and you're guaranteed to be in a laid-back state even before your treatment begins.

She will then take you to the treatment room. Each one is completely discreet, a little world apart. X2 Spa has a steam room, bathtubs and showers, and rooms for both couples and individuals. Just ten people can be treated at any one time, so this is definitely a place where your relaxation is the highest priority.

X2 Spa offers a broad spectrum of treatments, along with two packages which are very popular. The first of these is the Honeymoon Package. It's two hours of blissful pampering for couples, with different spa products used on him and her. It starts with a luxurious bathtub experience, before a satisfying scrub which leads into the massage, the highlight of the package.

If you have time, then indulge in the X2 Wellness Package. This can be for an individual or a couple. But you'll need to have some five hours at your disposal, as it's basically almost a full day of the most blissful indulgence possible. X2 Spa, Koh Samui, ThailandYou can even start with the resort's excellent breakfast, if you so wish. The treatment consists of a herbal steam session, followed by a body scrub and then a detox wrap. After that there's a break for the salad in the restaurant (the lunch is an integral part of the package). Afterwards you're free to chill out for an hour and can use the swimming pool if you'd like to. Then it's back to the spa for an oil massage, followed by a deep-cleansing facial.

It's well-worth coming to X2 Spa to experience a massage or a treatment; the only drawback is that you just might be too relaxed to want to leave.

Massage Therapies

X2 Signature Massage 60 minutes/2,600 THB
X2 Signature Massage is perfect combination of massage techniques including traditional Thai massage, aromatic relaxing oil massage and Thai herbal compress massage. Melt away accumulated stress and restore balance and vitality to the body, mind and spirit.  
X2 Aromatherapy Oil Massage 60 minutes/2,200 THB
X2 Traditional Thai Massage 60 minutes/2,200 THB
X2 Aloe Vera After Sun Massage 60 minutes/2,200 THB
X2 Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage 30 minutes/1,600 THB
X2 Foot Massage 30 minutes/1,600 THB

Body Treatments

Body Scrub 30 minutes/1,600 THB
A full-body exfoliation treatment, first removing dead skin, then smoothing and softening the skin, leaving it healthy and supple used in the treatment are natural products from the X2 Spa range - coconut, pineapple or coffee scrubs.  
X2 After Sun Soothing Wrap 30 minutes/1,600 THB
X2 Detoxifying Dead Sea Body Wrap 30 minutes/1,600 THB
X2 Hand Rejuvenator 30 minutes/1,500 THB
X2 Foot Recovery 30 minutes/1,500 THB
X2 Herbal Steam 30 minutes/1,500 THB

Facial Treatments

X2 Revitalizing Eyes Rescue 30 minutes/1,700 THB
X2 Anti-Wrinkle Facial Treatment 60 minutes/2,100 THB
X2 Anti-Acne & Oil Control Facial Treatment 60 minutes/2,100 THB
X2 Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment 60 minutes/2,100 THB
X2 Sun Soother Facial Treatment 60 minutes/2,100 THB

X2 Spa Wellness 3,900 THB
The elements of each culture will usually relate to some part of the body and to health and well-being, the four basic elements of earth, water, air and fire. The elements, whether they are seen as being associated with physical or psychological representations, should be in balance and harmony in order to promote and sustain good health. When out of balance they create discord, illness and disease. When in balance they keep each other in check and flow throughout the day  
X2 Herbal Steam 30 minutes
X2 Body Scrub 30 minutes
X2 Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes

X2 Sweet Honeymooner 120 minutes/3,900 THB
Spa honeymooner let couples relax and romance, with intimate packages including options like lovely bath, different body scrub for him and for her, couple's massage with for him and for her aromatherapy oil  
X2 Lovely Bath 30 minutes
X2 Bodyscrub 30 minutes
X2 Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes
X2 Koh Samui Resort All Spa Inclusive Package  
X2 Koh Samui "All Spa Inclusive Package" – Enjoy unlimited spa treatments Package Price for all spa inclusive package: 4,900 THB/person/day  

All prices are in Thai baht subject to 10% service charge & 7% government tax.


X2 Spa

X2 Koh Samui Resort – All Spa Inclusive
442 Moo 1, Hua Thanon Beach, Maret,
Koh Samui, Suratthani 84310

Tel: (66) 0 7733 2789

Open from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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