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Swasana Spa

If ever there was a true boutique spa, then this is it. It doesn't make pretentious claims to be the biggest, or even the best spa on Samui. Nor does it boast of having the widest choice of treatments. But what Swasana Spa is proud about is that it offers top-notch spa services fusing the very best techniques from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in a beautiful environment at very reasonable rates.

Swasana Spa is a part of Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi, which is just 2 minutes south of Chaweng and away from the hustle-bustle. The resort has an excellent local reputation for its fine-dining Tamarind Bar & Lounge, and Swasana Spa gives it something else to be highly-noted for. And you can enjoy the best of both places on the same day, as Impiana offers special spa/dining packages combining an afternoon's body care at Swasana with a culinary adventure (lunch or dinner) at its culinary outlets – with spa cuisine on the menu.

And there are a lot more attractions to Swasana Spa than just its year-round promotional packages and discounts. The therapists are all highly trained and the treatments are very special, too. In addition to the interesting selection of spa and spa/healthy-dining packages on offer, there are also several excellent signature treatments that are worth highlighting.

Firstly, there’s the 60-minute Tropical Face Mask signature facial, which Swasana Spa guarantees will leave you relaxed and regenerated. And this superb tropical face mask, using 100% natural products, cleanses, hydrates and really does leave your face with a radiant glow, as promised!

Then there’s the exclusively designed 90-minute Swasana Massage. And this excellent signature massage combines techniques from both the sport and aromatherapy treatments using the spa’s own-label Swasana Oil, providing the ultimate soothing and pampering spa experience.

The Detoxifying Massage for a Healthy Skin is also a particularly enjoyable treatment, and it’s therapeutic too! It’s a one-hour lymphatic drainage massage with lavender oil performed by two therapists, and it helps detoxify your muscles and lymphatic system, leaving you with a healthier skin.

Plus there's a lot more attractions to Swasana Spa than just its year-round promotional packages and discounts. The therapists are all highly-trained and the treatments are very special, too. In addition to the interesting selection of spa/dining packages on offer, there are also several signature spa packages that are worth highlighting; particularly the all-inclusive 3 ˝ hour Royal Swasana package.

And this 'treat for the senses' really is fit for a king or queen. Starting off with a choice of body scrubs or wraps, it's followed by a Swasana Massage and a Fuzo Massage, finishing off with choice of the Moisturizing or Rejuvenating Facial.

The Swasana Massage individual treatment is also worthy of particular note as it's been exclusively created to rejuvenate sore and tired muscles using a remarkable fusion of three of Asia's most popular massages – Thai, Balinese and Malay – ensuring a truly different blissful pampering experience.

And the Detox Massage is another of Swasana Spa's particularly enjoyable treatments, and it's therapeutic too! It's a four-hand detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage with two therapists working harmoniously to eliminate those accumulated toxins and unwanted substances beneath the skin, leaving you healthy, happy and glowing.

But whatever treatment you choose, you'll love the areas where they take place whether that's in the air-conditioned rooms with their ornate décor, or in the fresh air outside in the spa garden next to the waterfall and carp-pond. Plus there are also suites for two, should you wish to share your spa experience with a loved one.

For more samples of Swasana Spa's list of treatments, please lift the butterfly below.

Swasana Packages

Spice Me Up 3 hours

A mind - body relaxation with great attention paid on essential treasure trove of spices begins with Fresh Herbal Infusion followed with choice of Thai Herbal Scrub or Wrap. Carry on with ancient choice of stress reliever Royal Thai Massage or Siam Aromatherapy Massage concluded with freshest ingredients of Seri Dewi Facial treatment for total bliss!

Swasana Romance 3 hours 30 minutes

The perfect intimate escape package in the privacy and serenity of your own private sala starting with your ultimate choice of Body Scrub and Body Wrap. Carry on with our specially tailored Himalayan Hot Stone Massage then your blissful pampering is concluded with a choice of Rejuvenating Anti-Stress or Seri Dewi Facial treatment for a superb spa experience!

Asmara Dana 2 hours 30 minutes

An exclusive and especially designed indulgence for couples, honeymooners and those celebrating special occasion beginning with Javanese Lulur Exfoliation, then a Romantic Floral Milk Bath pampering experience concluding with a totally relaxing Balinese Massage.

A Taste of Swasana (couple package)

Oasis of Love (Spa & Dinner)

Quiescent and treat yourself to an invigorating and pampering experience renewing long lasting effect with our line of holistic spa therapies. And nothing says romance like a delicious candlelit dinner, great wine, scrumptious menu with slow music set only for you and your loved one…

Sweet Surrender (Spa & Lunch)

This luxurious intimate retreat is so good that it should be prescribed as a couples' therapy. Allow us to prepare your romantic hideaway strewn with rose petals, candle lights and sensual music taking you to a luxurious sexy sanctuary of paradise. A lunch delight awaits you and your partner sipping an exclusive concoction for two in a total bliss!

Signature Treatments

Swasana Massage 90 minutes

Exclusively designed anti-stress massage with therapeutic benefit to enlighten and rejuvenate those sore and tired muscles. An exceptional fusion of three of Asia's most popular massages – Thai, Balinese and Malay – for a truly different pampering and blissful experience.

Rejuvenating Lifting Treatment 60 minutes

This treatment is the ultimate remedy in the skin's battle to stress and aging. This advanced facial uses anti-aging and protective antioxidant products that saturate the deeper layers of skin add in with pressure point facial massage to relax, evenly tone facial muscles providing a natural "face lift".

Swasana Salt Scrub 60 minutes

Starts with four hand exfoliation using sublime blend of pure essential ingredients especially crafted to transform dull and tired looking skin into a creamy, vibrant and healthy glowing followed on with a four hand massage detoxifying massage for a total bliss of pampering!.

Royal Javansese Lulur 60 minutes

One of the great beauty secrets of Bali, a sumptuous traditional ritual that leaves your body and mind relaxed whilst cleansing, smoothing, softening and rejuvenating your skin. This healing art works well in eliminating dead skin cells from delicately ground Javanese herbs and spices such as turmeric, rice powder, yoghurt and essential oils bringing the true feel of 'Jamu' with its exotic scent.

Swasana Spa
Impiana Resort
Chaweng Noi Beach
91/2-3 Moo 3,
Tambon Bo Phut,
84320 Koh Samui,

Tel: (66) 0 7744 8994
Fax: (66) 0 7744 8999


Open from 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM

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