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You are what you eat! So they say. But what does that make you, if you only eat junk food?

It's all very well claiming that you eat freshly-cooked meat and vegetables. But how is it cooked? Eating fried food, however recently it was picked, dug up, caught or slaughtered, isn't exactly the healthiest way of dining. Especially if was exposed to chemicals while it was growing, or being reared.

And in these days, when taking care of the outside of your body with innumerable spa treatments is so popular, doesn't it make sense to think more seriously about what goes in? Many people are beginning to think so. And that's why there's an ever-increasing demand for Spa Cuisine.

banana flower salad with chicken. spa cuisine recipe by hunter reynolds, koh samui's foremost spa cuisine chefSpa cuisine is all about selecting the freshest, organic fruits & vegetables available, and using them in enhancing the flavours of a meal's other ingredients. Ingredients such as ocean-fresh fish & free-range poultry.

And a myth that needs dispelling quickly, is that "all fats and oils are bad". Certain fats are essential to your body, and it's the quality and the quantity of these fats that should be considered. Spa Cuisine Chefs don't cook with oils, but do reduce your saturated fat intake by only using trimmed, lean meat. They design meals that supply you with the essential fatty acids found in fish, vegetables, grains and pulses.

As you've probably guessed, it's a unique culinary art too. You won't find every chef, however skilled and experienced, capable of preparing spa cuisine. When the Spa Cuisine Chef adds herbs, he'll be thinking about their medicinal properties too, not just their flavour! Ginger doesn't only perk up the taste buds - it also aids digestion. And lemongrass lends more to a meal than just its citrus tang. While you're eating a dish with this plant as an ingredient, your breathing tracts are being cleared too.

Several restaurants around Samui are already offering Spa Cuisine as an option on their menus. And if the current demand for it continues, it won't be long before every restaurant will have to!

Here's a Spa Cuisine recipe, courtesy of Hunter Reynolds, Samui's foremost Spa Cuisine Chef.

Banana Flower Salad with Chicken
Serves: 2Calories: 190Fat: 5.3 gm.

220 gm. skinless chicken breast
2 cups banana flower - finely shredded
1 tbs. shredded coconut - roasted
2 tsp. chopped almonds - roasted
2 shallots - sliced
2 chilli - chopped (or to taste)
2 spring onions
1 tbs. fish sauce (light soy if vegetarian)
1 tbs. lime juice
1 tsp. honey

In a bowl, combine coconut, chopped almonds, sliced shallot, sliced green onion, chopped chilli, fish sauce, lime-juice and honey. Add shredded banana flower, and mix well. Arrange the salad in the centre of the plate, giving the dish height.

Place a non-stick pan over the flame and allow to heat well, place the chicken breasts in the pan and cook until brown colour and then turn and repeat on the other side. Once the chicken is cooked, place on a board and slice into thin slices and arrange in front of the salad. Then, garnish with some coriander and sliced chilli and serve.

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