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Everyone's aware that there are millions of ways of cleansing and detoxifying your body. Reasonable diets, light exercise correct breathing, massage, meditation, saunas, steam baths, skin brushing, body scrubs, and oxygen therapies are all effective. But do you realise that the quickest and most effective method is by going without food for a while?

Fasting is the quickest way to deal with most illnesses. In fact, children and animals fast automatically when they are sick, for it serves as a trigger for activating their own self-healing mechanism. Whenever your digestive system rests, the cells of your body automatically start releasing accumulated toxins. A 3-day fast cleanses your entire digestive tract. And, incredibly, a 7-day fast performs a major purification of your blood system, which gives your major organs a good clean-up too!

Although most people fast as part of a detoxification program, there are other reasons for abstaining from tucking in. For example:

  1. For relieving digestive problems, losing weight, and overcoming addictions.
  2. For releasing emotions, such as anger, grief, worry, and fears - before they accumulate and cause disease.
  3. For aiding mental clarity: fasting increases memory, concentration, creativity and insight.
  4. For spiritual evolution: fasting apparently creates a deep consciousness shift by re-programming the cells of the body to be capable of receiving and sustaining higher vibrations of light/chi/prana. (For Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, Buddha and many others, fasting was an essential part of their evolution.)

The usual worry, 'If I don't eat, I'll feel hungry', is accurate only when you miss 1 or 2 meals. However, after 36 hours of fasting, your stomach stops producing the digestive juices that induce hunger. Assuming you take an adequate amount of glucose (e.g. honey, fruit juices) every couple of hours, for keeping your blood-sugar level stable, and trace-elements for preventing dehydration, you can fast without any physical difficulties for up to 2 weeks. After that, some source of concentrated liquid/powdered protein and essential fatty acids, such as spirulina, green barley or wheat grass will sustain all your body functions for an even longer period of time.

Unfortunately, simple fasting is not enough these days. In the age we live in, most people have lost the physical capability to detoxify without help. For regaining a sufficient level of self-healing capability, your organs need to be supported so they can deal with the intense detoxification required.

“...and, incredibly, a 7-day fast performs a major
purification of your blood system.”

You'll need extra oxygen; you'll need your skin to breathe out toxins and breath in oxygen. And, most importantly, you'll need a reliable method of physically carrying away any toxins your body has released into your colon. This should be done as quickly as possible to prevent them being re-absorbed into your blood via your colon walls. The quickest and safest way is to do this is by colonic cleansing - the irrigation of your large intestine with water. This effectively flushes out all the accumulated toxins, which have accumulated during your lifetime.

Eventually, there is no need for any supportive tools to maintain health, because your body remembers its 'original state'. However, if you're wanting to accelerate body-cleansing, the combination of fasting and colonic-cleansing becomes a powerful tool worth experimenting with.

So, while you're on Samui, if you can tear yourself away from the superb restaurants for a few days, why not go along to one of the recommended health-centres? They'll be more than happy, and able, to organise a safe fasting program best suited to you. Go from the fast lane into the FAST lane!

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