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Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, Thailand
Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, Thailand
Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, Thailand

Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, ThailandBeing any part of the famed Luxury Hotel Group, Anantara, is a virtual guarantee of excellence, but even more so when it's one of their highly acclaimed Anantara Spas. And the Anantara Spa in the super-stylish Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort (at the quiet northern end of Chaweng Beach on the way to the airport) is no exception.

Pass through the intriguing doorways at entrance of the resort and walk along the charming approach to the main reception, and you can either go there first and be taken to the spa, or just turn right and follow the path for a few metres and you'll easily come to it on your own.

The spa reception itself has a beautiful contemporary Thai/ Chinese décor, a theme that carries on throughout, and it's here that you'll be genuinely welcomed by the friendly and highly–trained staff including Anantara Spa's very experienced and extremely professional Khun Prisana Duangmanee. With her kind and unhurried approach, Khun Yai (as she's familiarly known) takes great pride in ensuring that every single visitor has a memorable spa experience – which they do!

Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, ThailandAnantara Spa is a lot bigger than it first appears. Larger, in fact, than several 'stand-alone' spas on Samui, and offering a whole lot more, too. The seven spacious treatment suites (five for couples and two for singles) are both upstairs and downstairs in smart white–pillared buildings which form three sides of a large garden–style courtyard, and several come complete with private steam-rooms and bathtubs. Plus there's a fully–equipped manicure/pedicure suite, and also a hairdressing salon where you are guaranteed of having the perfect cut or hair treatment during your holiday (reason in itself for visiting this spa!).

And for those of you that just can't keep away from the beach, just say the word and you'll be whisked away to an idyllic spot at the edge of Anantara's secluded bay where there's a romantic 'sala', complete with flowing white drapes around for extra privacy, that you can enjoy most of the treatments until 4:00 pm.

Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, ThailandEvery conceivable top-of-the-range spa treatment is offered here and the spa packages have all been carefully designed to provide maximum health benefits alongside a most pleasurable pampering! The most popular is their very own signature package (every Anantara Spa worldwide has its own), the Anantara Lawana Coconut Paradise. This utilises Samui's ubiquitous hydrating and enriching coconut in all of its treatments and comprises a 10-minute 'Floral Foot Cleansing Ritual', a 50–minute 'Essence White Coconut Scrub', a 50–minute 'Essence White Coconut Wrap' and a 90–minute 'Signature Coconut Massage' with showers in-between each treatment and refreshments after. Altogether three hours and twenty minutes of pure heaven!

A final plus point for this spa, which sets it above many others, is that most of the staff can speak three languages – Thai, English and Mandarin–Chinese. And what with so many new visitors to Samui coming from Chinese–speaking countries these days, this added factor makes life a lot easier for everyone!


Spa Packages

Anantara Lawana Coconut Paradise 200 minutes

Once honoured as Koh Samui's principal livelihood, the island's humble coconuts first rose to wider fame as a tourist attraction, with monkeys climbing the sweeping, tall palms to harvest the tropical fruit. Now, with local reverence for the coconut's hydrating and enriching qualities also spreading far and wide, Anantara invites you on a coconut odyssey of highly beneficial health and beauty treatments.

Shower - Floral Foot Ritual 10 minutes
Essence White Coconut Scrub – Shower 50 minutes
Essence White Coconut Wrap – Shower 50 minutes
Coconut Signature Massage Refreshment 90 minutes

Gulf of Siam 225 minutes

Much like the Eastern lotus flower symbolizes a spiritual unveiling, this journey promises to revitalize your entire being, starting from the very tips of your toes.

Shower – Floral Foot Ritual 15 minutes
Royal Thai Massage 90 minutes
Foot Reflexology 60 minutes
Anantara Signature Facial Refreshment 60 minutes

Dawn Renewal 165 minutes

Rise to a refreshing ritual of replenishing therapies. Cleanse and exfoliate in a scrub infused with green tea extract, and experience an invigorating jet lag massage.

Shower – Floral Foot Ritual 15 minutes
Detoxifying Green Tea Scrub – Shower 60 minutes
Jet-Lag Massage Refreshment 90 minutes

Body Massage

Anantara Signature Massage 60/90 minutes

Our signature blend of oils, combined with purpose-designed movements, stimulates circulation, promotes deep relaxation and restores the flow of energy, or prana, along the meridian lines.


Jet-Lag Massage 60/90 minutes

Experience a pampering treatment that provides immediate relief for travelers after a long flight. This full-body massage employs long, kneading strokes to relieve muscle tension, particularly on the legs, lower back, neck, shoulders and around the eyes.


Stress Release Aromatic Massage 60/90 minutes

Using a combination of strokes and acupressure techniques, alongside the specially blended signature oil of your choice, this gentle massage is a definite jet-lag tonic.


Body Treatment

Turmeric Body Scrub 60 minutes

Throughout history, turmeric has been used by Thai people for its multitude of complexion-enhancing benefits. Experience this exquisite scrub infusion to leave skin beautifully clear, smooth and glowing.


Essence White Coconut Scrub 60 minutes

Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, walnut shell removes dead cells and strengthens new skin to leave it feeling completely clear and flawlessly smooth.


Facial Treatment

Anantara Signature Facial 60 minutes

Our signature facial combines the perfect blend of nourishing plant extracts and traditional Thai ingredients to encourage cell renewal and oxygenation. Lapse into a state of pure relaxation with a gentle massage, and then let our herbal mask restore the natural balance of your skin.


Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Lift – Mature 75 minutes

Indulge in an exceptional anti-ageing facial that has been clinically proven, after just 1 treatment, to reduce wrinkles by up to 94% and improve skin firmness by up to 57%. Relax with specialised massage techniques and benefit from a firmer, uplifted, youthful appearance.
Recommended: 1 treatment every 3 weeks Ė course of 6..


Elemis Skin IQ 75 minutes

An invigorating booster for tired, stressed skin, this treatment redresses the effects of a hectic lifestyle, as well as combating the harsh effects of frequent shaving, environmental pollution and constant travel, giving men the ultimate skin overhaul with maximum anti-ageing results.
Recommended: 1 treatment every 4 weeks.


• Both male and female therapists are available


Anantara Spa
Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa
Chaweng Beach
92/1 Moo 2, Bophut
Samui, 84320 Thailand

Tel: 0 7796 0333


Open from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Anantara Spa - Koh Samui, Thailand

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