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Amata spa Coral Bay Resort & Spa

Occasionally, you’ll find a diamond when you least expect it. For although Amata Spa is an integral part of Coral Bay Resort (in North Chaweng, on the road leading from Chaweng to the airport), it’s much more than just an amenity spa.

But, then again, Coral Bay Resort is a lot more than just your average Samui holiday accommodation, so you shouldn’t really be surprised at the high standards reached by the spa.

And that’s immediately apparent as you pass through the main hotel lobby with its numerous water features and beautiful tropical Asian design, and go down a short flight of steps to the spa reception.

Here you’ll meet Khun Thitiporn, the spa manager. Not only is she a registered nurse, but she’s also fully knowledgeable of the spa industry and as a further qualification for the job – she’s a genuinely lovely person too!

But she’s not the only fully-trained professional at Amata Spa. The therapists have completed well over 300 hours training of massage, anatomy, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition, so you’re in very capable hands here.

And it’s not just the professionalism of the staff, nor the wide range of treatments they offer that make this such a delightful spa. Neither is it the beautiful suites that they take place in. No, it’s really a case of ‘far greater than the sum of its parts’.

But while you’re there, do go into the Hydrotherapy & Chill-out Zone. Here they have Samui’s first infrared sauna which, reportedly, enhances your immune system, improves cardiovascular condition, relieves stress, and improves the condition of your skin, hair, teeth and eyes. And there’s more in the zone too, including: a herbal steam room; a shower room with six additional high-power jets of water that you direct onto various parts of your body; and a cold-water plunge pool, complete with a splashing waterfall.

The packages are also something special, offering various combinations of the treatments (you can have them tailor-made too). And should you become addicted to the therapies and services while you’re here, which wouldn’t be surprising, you can always opt for a 3-, 5- or 7-day Coral Bay Resort Special Retreat where you can choose to have the treatments in your own private villa.

Amata Spa Packages

Amazing Amata 2 hours

Infra-red Sauna • Jacuzzi • Royal Thai Massage

Amata Head Rush 2.5 hours

Amata Full-body Oil Massage • Aromatherapy Floral Facial Treatment

Anti-Oxidant & Detox 3 hours

Infra-red Sauna • Cold Jacuzzi Plunge • Andaman Sea Salt & Algae Body Scrub • Black Mud Detoxifying and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Coral Bay Paradise 4 hours

Herbal Steam • Aromatherapy Coconut Body Scrub • Aromatherapy Coconut Cream Body Wrap • Aromatherapy Virgin Coconut Oil Massage • Aromatherapy Floral Facial

Guy’s Chill-Out 2.5 hours

Herbal Steam • High-Pressure Shower • Gentleman’s Facial • Foot Massage & Reflexology

Healthy Scalp & Silky Hair 1.5 hours

Virgin Coconut Oil Head Massage • Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage • Virgin Coconut Head/Hair Mask • Herbal Steam

Heavenly Honeymoon 3 hours

Infra-red Sauna • Cold Jacuzzi Plunge • Sensual Aromatherapy Massage • Aromatherapy Floral Facial

Royal Trinity Harmonizer 3 hours

Herbal Steam • High Pressure Shower • Royal Trinity Thai Massage

Many more day packages are available. Also 3/5/7 day Coral Bay Resort Special Retreats in your own private villa.

Single Treatments include:

Body Scrubs & Wraps, Facials, Head & Hair Treatments, Massages, Foot Massage, Reflexology, Pedicure, Hand Treatments, Manicure, Sun Soothing Treatments, Anti-Jetlag Massage, Waxing.

Our Spa Manager is a Registered Nurse. All our therapists are trained to the highest standards, and are Jorei trained (some are Reiki trained too) to give that extra special healing during all massages.

Amata Spa uses custom-formulated natural products made by Sensara.

The Pakarang Restaurant and Coco Rock Beachside Dining has an extensive Thai and European Menu. A new addition is our healthy, delicious Spa Cuisine.

Why not combine your Wedding/Special Occasion with our Resort/ Spa/ Restaurant? We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Please note that Amata Spa issues a free loyalty card on your first visit which offers discounts on future treatments.


Amata Spa
Coral Bay Resort & Spa
9 Moo 2, Tambon Bophut,
Koh Samui 84320,

Tel: (66) 0 7742 2223-4
Fax: (66) 0 7742 2392


Open from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM

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